DOI: 10.5176/2382-5650_CCS14.15

Authors: Dr Rajpal Singh Negi


After the Indo- China war of 1962, Indo- Tibetan trade broke down. Trading Bhotia communities inhabiting the Indian border land of Uttarakhand had to re- locate their socio- political identity with the neighbouring population. Losar, a Tibetan new year festival, is celebrated by the Jad Bhotias and not by other Uttarakhandi Bhotia groups. The Jad Bhotias have acculturated Losar festival by incorporating some elements of Hindu festivalsI. Growth in education and reservation in government Jobs for tribal population, helped them to get status jobs, social prestige and they moved into the middle class in a larger number. Acculturation of losar festival raises some significant questions. How far and to what extent the social change is acceptable to different generations of this Tribe in the perspectives of issues of identity. This paper will throw light on the above issues based on personal observations, interviews and local records.

Keywords: Losar -Festival, Bhotia- tribe, Jad-Bhotia tribe, indo – China war of 1962, Assimilation and modernization


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