DOI: 10.5176/2382-5650_CCS17.76

Authors: David Laughing Horse Robinson


The Kawaiisu Tribe of Tejon incorporate astronomy, biology and geology into the daily rituals of their religion. Their practice of Earth Science has left ancient footprints across their territory: Obsidian caches, geoglyphs, petroglyphs and pictographs. This evidence demonstrates how the Kawaiisu Nation populated a vast region of the western United States, from the desert at Coso, over the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. Studying the Natural World as their scientific discipline strengthens each generation and helps them endure with a Spiritual core intact. This pairing of Science and Religion is as relevant today in our modern society as it was 56,728 years ago when the Kawaiisu began recording their data on the rocks.

Keywords: Kawaiisu, Coso Obsidian, Astronomy, Petroglyph, Religion


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