DOI: 10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT18.06

Authors: Albert Darmawan, Shan Valdo, Ieuan Ignatius and Ida Bagus Kerthyayana Manuaba


Nowadays, youth literacy has become an important topic, since it is one of the essential skills required to thrive in the 21st century. Many countries including Indonesia, have actively promoted the importance of youth literacy. However, a study has shown that Indonesia's literacy level is still relatively low compared to other countries. To resolve this issue, some researchers have introduced the notion of using interactive fiction as a potential media to attract youth to read more, hence improving reading behavior and youth literacy in Indonesia. This paper contains a comparative study of narrative fiction as a commonly used media and interactive fiction as a promising alternative media to enhance youth literacy, especially in Indonesia. To conduct this comparative study, one narrative fiction and one interactive fiction of Indonesian folklore called "Puteri Pinang Masak" was used. The outcome of this research is a comprehensive analysis regarding the eminence of interactive fiction in three main aspects, which are understanding of the story, acquired moral values, and user engagement. This study has been successfully demonstrated interactive fiction's capabilities as a promising media to enhance youth literacy in Indonesia.

Keywords: youth literacy, narrative fiction, interactive fiction, reading behavior


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