ISBN: 978-981-08-8644-8

Authors: Tein-Yaw Chung, Cheng-Li Hsieh, Hsiao-Yi Wang, Chung-Yu Hsu, Fong-Ching Yuan


In this paper, we propose a High Performance Multichannel Preview (HPMP) System in Peer-to-Peer live media streaming to help users find their favorite channel fast. In HPMP, users can watch TV in two different modes: Preview and Watch mode. To support the Watch mode, HPMP uses a P2P mesh topology to promote bandwidth utilization similar to many existing solutions. In the Preview mode, a P2P timed forest scheme (TFS) is proposed to reduce tracker server overhead and minimize topology maintenance overhead. Finally, we use OMNet++ to simulate the performance of HPMP and compare
with a system without a preview service. The simulation results show that HPMP outperforms existing non-preview systems.

Keywords: Channel switching time; IPTV; Live streaming; Multi-channel Preview; P2P; Timed Forest Scheme;


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