ISBN: 978-981-08-8644-8

Authors: Kwang-ik An, Ju-ho Song, Keon-soo Park, Je-hoon Park, Joo-hyeon Park, Young-woong Ko, Sun-Jeong Kim, Chang Geun Song


In this paper, new user interface (UI) for AR such as BuildAR is designed and implemented to help to design the space in the festival. While designing festival space, this interface enables cooperation among multiple designers so that designers can design space in an intuitive manner and in real-time. Also anyone who doesn't know about UI programming can apply markers to place an architecture such as a building, bridges and etc. and tanslate, rotate and scale object on the marker easily. Both physical engine and a stereophonic sound are also built in the system. Hence, while placing provisional and temporary buildings, topograhic confition of the land is considered. The land is not assumed to be glad but uneven or inclined. 3D sterephonic effect is used to produce bustling street atmosphere in the festival.

Keywords: Argument Reality, user interface, soumd, physical engine


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