DOI: 10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT15.15

Authors: Wasan Mehdi


World of Many Clouds
The first question will be asked is how can cloud computing enhance the learning experience? One way is by providing on-demand access to educational content, resources, and services, on any device, whenever and wherever teachers and students happen to be. The new world of cloud-based services combines powerful computing, networking, storage, management tools, and applications to make it easier than ever to bridge the in-school and online learning worlds with secure, on-demand services. With cloud services, educators can take advantage of an interconnected world of many clouds to support individual learning needs, expand access to digital content, and innovative cloud services into an integrated architecture that helps educators deliver highly secure, cloud-based services simplify operations, and reduce costs. Implementing a cloud solution means bringing together computing, network, and storage resources into an integrated platform for delivering IT services within and between data canters. Cloud computing can help us to create a platform for delivering cloud services to teachers, administrators, and students, and can also assist us to connect with other clouds and automate management tasks.
In this research work we are introducing our architecture of Cloud Computing for education and discuss the impact of our chosen architecture on learning.
We are presenting here and demonstrating the advantages and impact analysis of our proposed architecture.

Keywords: Cloud Computing; Cloud Architecture for Education; Benefits of Cloud Computing and Impact of Cloud on Education, CC4

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