DOI: 10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT13.31

Authors: Kwasi Acquaah, Ruth Agada, Jie Yan


In this paper, we developed an ’emotion mirror’ which renders a 3D animated virtual character in real time that mimics the emotional expression of a person. To do this, an interface was constructed to show two windows, one with video clips of the human subject and the other with the 3D virtual character. First, the subject was recorded expressing various facial expressions (happy, sad, fear, anger, surprise). The recordings were then processed and marked on specific places (feature points) on the face where certain expressions would have the most significant change (the eyes and mouth area). And then, the facial movements of the human subject will be endowed to the corresponding facial area of the virtual character. Finally, the recordings were synchronized with the animated virtual character in a way that the character would mimic the subject’s facial expression like a mirror image. The emotion mirror system is a prototype system that simulates the emotion of the user and responds in an engaging way.

Keywords: 3D Virtual Character; Animation; Facial Expressions; Feature Points; Mimic


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