DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-8227-3_cgat08-41

Authors: Yang Jiang, Jianmin Jiang and Ian Palmer


Interactive gaming requires automatic processing on large volume of random data produced by players on spot, such as shooting, football kicking, boxing etc. In this paper, we describe an artificial intelligence approach in processing such random data for interactive gaming by using a one-class support vector machine (OC-SVM). In comparison with existing techniques, our OC-SVM based interactive gaming design has the features of: (i) high speed processing, providing instant response to the players; (ii) winner selection and control by one parameter, which can be pre-designed and adjusted according to the game design needs, i.e., level of difficulties; Experiments on numerical simulation support that the proposed design is robust to random noise, accurate in picking up winning data, and convenient for all interactive gaming design.

Keywords: Interactive gaming, AI gaming, and SVM


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