DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-8227-3_cgat08-62

Authors: Ziyad.T.Abdul-Mehdi, Ali Bin Mamat & Hamidah Ibrahim, Mustafa Mat Deris


Transaction support is crucial in mobile data management. Specific characteristics of mobile environments (e.g. variable bandwidth, disconnections, and limited resources on mobile hosts) make traditional transaction management techniques no longer appropriate. This is due the fact that the Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability (ACID) properties of transactions are not simply followed, in particular the consistency property. Thus, transaction management models adopting weaker form of consistency are needed and these models can now tolerate a limited amount of consistency. As a result, several transaction management models for mobile databases have been proposed, each of which has attempted to overcome some issues pertaining to transaction processing in mobile environment. However, issues such as only one mobile host (MH) is allowed to update the data item, large number of rejected transactions and commit time execution of transactions at mobile host (MH) is large are not well handled.

This paper proposed the model with the aims at solving the stated issues.A key requirement in such an environment is to support frequent disconnection of mobile database. We present model that implement
this framework in an asynchronous and synchronous system.


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