DOI: 10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT14.21

Authors: Joel Bennett and Chris Carter


Virtual Production is a rapidly growing approach to filmmaking that utilises 3D software, virtual camera systems and motion capture technology to visually interact with a real-time virtual environment. The use of these technologies has continued to increase, however, little has been done to document the various approaches for incorporating this new film making technique into a production.
This practice-led research project outlines the development of virtual production in the entertainment industry and explores possible strategies for adopting aspects of this new film making technique into the production of short animated films. The outcome is an improved understanding of possible strategies that could be utilised to assist producers and directors with the transition into this new film making technique.

Keywords: Animation; Film; Virtual Production; Virtual Moviemaking; Motion Capture; Performance Capture; Virtual Performance; Virtual Environment; Virtual Camera; Virtual Scene; Live-action; Real-Time


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