DOI: 10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT14.16

Authors: Ilung Pranata, Reem Altamimi, Geoff Skinner


The advancement of ICT innovations provides us with a comfortable and convenient modern life, however, with an additional and unwilling cost. Obesity is an issue that resulted from such advancement and is a serious global issue that has gained more and more attention from researchers and health institutions. Although technology innovations lead to a comfortable modern life, they also have a potential to solve the obesity issue in children. This paper provides a review of the issues in child obesity and a potential of active video games to mitigate these issues. Additionally, the paper also discusses the key requirements to develop an active video game that mitigates child obesity. A framework is introduced to meet the requirements and simulation and testing were performed to verify the attainment of objectives.

Keywords: Child obesity, active video games, video games, Kinect


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