DOI: 10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT16.10

Authors: Kerry Y Fang, Heidi Bjering, Anthony J Maeder


Non-adherence to medication is a major concern in healthcare as it can lead to negative health consequences and higher costs. Providing medication reminders is one type of approach to address this issue. Conventional medication reminders rely on fixed uniform style mechanisms to deliver their messages, which can result in user disengagement. It is desirable to provide a more personal and individually customised type of reminder which mimics a human carer. This paper describes an interactive avatar-based reminder application to be used on a mobile device, with the ultimate aim to increase adherence. The design of the prototype application is presented. This prototype is built with PhoneGap using JavaScript, HTML and CSS, and incorporates speech recognition and text-to-speech functionality by using existing plugins. The application will be deployed initially to evaluate the perceived satisfaction and usefulness of the application.

Keywords: Human-Computer Interactions, Avatars, Medication Adherence, Artificial Intelligence, Medication Reminders, Medication Compliance

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