DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-8227-3_cgat08-46

Authors: Thomas Welsh and David Moffat


To improve the experience for games players in FPS games, it is important that AI controlled bots are not only challenging and compelling opponents but also authentically human-like. This paper concludes that current AI controlled bots are poor replacements for human opponents as they lack many of the key behaviours that humans exhibit which contribute to engaging game experiences. By re-casting the Turing test in a game environment and using a suite of tools and techniques designed to measure player engagement, a number of experiments have been designed and carried out which demonstrate the shortcomings of bots in commercial interactive entertainment. This paper represents a summary and reflection on these experiments.

We conclude that the differences between computer controlled opponents and human players are obvious and discouragingly unsubtle. Despite this, some recent developments in bot design have shown promise in providing more engaging experiences and we propose they may be important in the creation of more convincing bots.

Keywords: Artificial intelligence, Turing Test, Games Design, Bots, NPC’s.

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