DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-5480-5_018

Authors: Amith Tudur Raghavendra


Games with a purpose other than entertainment can be called Serious Games. In this paper, we describe a generic event-based Data Collection Engine (DCE) that has been developed for Serious Games on the Unity Game Engine. Further, we describe a framework that allows for the manipulation and feedback of the collected data back into the game in real-time. The player experiences the visuals, sounds and the game itself that is streamed over the web. The player engages with an enriching, multimedia experience allowing him/her to be immersed in the game. By suitably designing the serious game we could determine the behavior of the player in real world under the given scenario or other scenarios. The DCE is optimized to collect relevant data streamed online without affecting the performance of the game. Also, the DCE is highly flexible and can be setup to collect data for any game developed on the Unity Engine.


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