DOI: 10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT18.10

Authors: Mike Anthony S. Tan and Geraldine L. Sun


Educational games that provide experiential learning allow students to be motivated and immersed in the learning process using gamification and narratology. This paper describes the effect of experiential games to solve the problem where students cannot fully comprehend a content specifically for history and literary novels. Two (2) games were used to attempt to resolve the presented problem. ‘Ang Bayani’, a role-playing game about nationalistic values during the Spanish Colonization in the Philippines and ‘Ang Larong El Filibusterismo’, another role-playing game, that visually translates the Philippine literary work of Jose Rizal ‘El Filibusterismo’. After both games were tested to high school students, findings show that experiential games does allow students to become more immersed in the game which enabled them to better comprehend values, historical contexts and language.

Keywords: educational games; narrative; experiential learning; role-playing; history; literary novels


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