DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-5480-5_026

Authors: Mark Chavez, Liu Lin Yi


Cinematics and Narratives (CaN) research's goal is to significantly explore approaches to the development of contemporary animation. CaN is comprised of three integrated objectives; the first is focused on developing and exploiting real-time animation and content within the context of a visual and narrative design based repository of primitives; the second explores the dynamic of context, exposition and expression, mixing our design primitives into a new dynamic form; and the third interfaces this system with an audience in such a way as to enable the system to learn from viewer interaction, where the system automatically and further refines the design based on the emotive input of the viewer. Furthermore, this project is focused on integrating computational intelligent agents designed as character archetypes within a dynamically changeable world created to adapt along a possibility of multiple narratives. In this paper we will discuss the processes taken to implement our cinematic engine and associated visual content; its significance to automated storytelling and design focused narrative creation.


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