DOI: 10.5176/2251-1679_CCV08

Authors: Emanuel S. Grant and Atif Farid Mohammad


Cloud computing introduces ways to add capabilities dynamically by increasing the capacity in new infrastructure using service oriented architecture. These investments can include the issuing of new licensing, the training of users, and the provisioning of external user-friendly interfaces. Cloud technology also brought new extensions in the world of social and corporate sectors using resources of available Information Technology. In the last decade, we have seen tremendous growth in cloud computing. This paper introduces security model, which does not negotiate with the required functionalities and capabilities in traditionally available web security models. This new model is called CSM 2.0 or Cloud Security Model 2.0, which is based on Service Oriented Architecture or SOA 3.0 and is targeted at improving security features over traditional model. This is accomplished without affecting features of the current security models. A survey of the different security risks that pose a threat to the use of Cloud technology is included.

Keywords: Service oriented architecture; software engineering; cloud computing; quality of service; data communications.


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