DOI: 10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT14.09

Authors: Kavindu C. Ranasinghe, Shyama C. Kumari, Dawpadee B. Kiriella, Lakshman Jayaratne


This paper is on a research which tries to solve a problem in music industry, faced by visually impaired people in Sri Lanka. Further elaborating, to solve the problem of reading music scripts by visually impaired. To address the problem, there are considerable amount of researches have been conducted in Western music context, but in the Eastern music context nothing has been done except use of Braille. Using Braille is a more complex task to read music notations. Since there is no any other option for visually impaired users in Sri Lanka, Braille it is used widely. Through a literature survey and several questionnaires based surveys, audio format was identified as the most feasible and effective readable format to read music notations by visually impaired. This paper presents a system to convert visual music notations (of Eastern music in Sri Lanka) into an audio output which gives visually impaired user the real feeling of reading the visual notation as it is, for the first time in Sri Lanka as well as in the world.

Keywords: visually impaired; Eastern music; music score/notation; Sri Lankan; singing synthesizing

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