DOI: 10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT17.4

Authors: Nicholas S. Combrink and Sheu M. A. Mavee


The research paper looks at the video gaming industry as a whole, and develops a proposed eBusiness model that could be used by new companies in the gaming industry. The developed model is meant to serve as a guide for entering the market. The various components of the model are discussed and then evaluated by comparing two large gaming companies in the business, namely Blizzard Entertainment and Riot Games. The comparison using the G4M3 model evaluates how these companies operate in each of the focus areas discussed in the paper. The intent is to show how new game development companies can follow in the footsteps of proven and tested organisations in such a volatile industry. The paper then ends off by evaluating the model’s suitability for use by new gaming companies.

Keywords: video games; ebusiness model; computers; business; e-commerce;


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