DOI: 978-981-08-0693-4_CGAT5

Authors: Sandy Marly Colondam and Yaya Heryadi


This paper presents a multiplayer online text-based mobile game which is designed to run on a mobile phone with an external GPS Receiver. The mobile game is called Virtual Tribe. The Virtual Tribe game adopts the Persistent Browser Based Game (PPBG) into a J2ME application, and is combined with a Real Time Coordinating system. The game integrates Bluetooth to GPS connection using a JSR-82 J2ME library, HTTP Connection to server application PHP and online database. The game player acts as a tribal king in the game, and owns a virtual tribe which is located at the real earth coordinate where the player first registered the account. The player has to navigate and manage his virtual tribe and develop his tribe into a stronger and bigger civilization. The competition arises when one tribe decides to invade another’s tribe in order to capture more lands. A winning condition included in the game rules, however, is that it is obvious that the biggest tribe will most likely rule the world of virtual tribe. The game has been tested using the Indonesia Internet Exchange (IIX) server, several types of Sonny Ericsson and Nokia mobile phones, and Holux M1000 GPS receiver.

Keywords: mobile game, GPS, GPS receiver, mobile phone, bluetooth, J2ME


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