DOI: 10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT13.37

Authors: Sathya Jayabalan, Asst Prof Mark Joseph Chavez, Shilpa Saraeiya and Mak Hon Keat


Within the area of interactive games intelligent, conversational non-player characters are as an evolving technology gaining attention. Gaming applications on websites and smart phones utilize talking characters in many areas such as general entertainment, tutoring, marketing, and counseling. Typically talking characters respond to the user by automatically repeating a dialogue. This can be boring and at times irritating resulting in a lost opportunity for gameplay. The focus of our project is to explore characterization in terms of simulated personality trying to determine the best way to visually the look, behavior sound characteristics of animated real-time characters. By designing a set of online characters we can determine based on the viral potential of the characters the best design strategy for our creative team to invest in designing. Taking this forward we will investigate episodic storytelling with the same characters and technology and attempt to create real-time webisode content.

Keywords: talking characters, interactive games, webisode


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