DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-5480-5_100

Authors: Jean-Yves Herve, Brian Mullen, Tomas Francisco, Christopher T.S.Allen, Charles Morace, Ivan Otterness


The purpose of this project is to use a game engine to integrate geo-referenced research data, whether experimental or simulated, to present it in an active, interactive form to the user. The data being geo-referenced means that every image, video, or sound file, every pressure map, and every simulated temperature chart is attached to a specific point on a map or body. These data may even be time-referenced, so that different data sets may be available at the same location for different times of the day or seasons of the year. Target users for such interactive applications are high-school and college students who can then conduct their own “experiments” or “explorations” as a way to get exposed to the problems and methodologies of science and research. We use two examples of projects to illustrate the approach.

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