DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-5480-5_110

Authors: V.Pavlika, D.Demetrius


This paper discusses how one may complement topics delivered in a mathematics lecture relevant to Games Programming using Java Graphics programs and programs written in Open GL. The topics discussed were: rocket flight including both the single and the two stage rocket, projectile motion and the Separating Axis Theorem due to Minkowski which was used to determine whether two convex polyhedral which do not overlap collide. After each derivation of a mathematical topic an appropriate graphics illustration was demonstrated using a Java graphics program or Open GL. The graphical demonstrations were further complimented with additional mathematical descriptions, often concerned with the parameters in the derivations and on how altering them would produce different effects which were shown visually. These programs were made available to the students after seeing each mathematical proof, as it was felt that the students should comprehend the mathematics before being allowed to manipulate the variables in the programs. This also allowed the students to immediately visualise the equations demonstrated in the lectures. Screenshots of these programs are included in this paper. The topics were discussed during an undergraduate course delivered at the University of Westminster. Student’s appreciation of the methods is ascertained by using a student centered survey, the results of which are included for completeness.

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