DOI: 10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT15.25

Authors: Faridatul Nisa binti Muhammad Salleh, Dr. Ahmad Jazimin bin Jusoh, Dr. Amri bin Yusoff and Dr. Suzani binti Mohamad Samuri


This study is aimed to analyze the stress level of UPSI students while playing games that they have chosen from various game genres given. The research methodology consists of four (4) phases that will influence this study. Firstly, it contains the “categorization of stress level”, which involved the study of game genre and stress behavior. Secondly, the questionnaires will be distributed to collect data about games and stress within particular students. Next, this study will find the relationship of game genre and stress level among the selected participants. Lastly, the model of game genre and stress level will be developed after obtaining the experimental result. The expected finding of this research is games can be used by students to cope with the stress problem based on particular level students.

Keywords: game genre, stress, sensor, body temperature, airflow, e-health sensor

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