DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-5480-5_030

Authors: Wei-Da Hao, Akash Khurana


This paper shows how college students without prior experience in video game design can create a fantastic video game. Video game creation is a task that requires weeks if not months of dedication and perseverance to complete. However, with Alice, a group of three sophomore students who never designed a game can create a full-fledged video game from given specifications. Alice is 3D graphics interactive animation software, which is well-tried and proven to be an enjoyable learning environment. At the start of this project, students are given guideline that describes expected outcomes. With minimum supervision, in three days, a working program that matches the guidelines is accomplished. In additional two days, students enhance the quality with better graphics design and music. With this experience, 3D graphics interactive animation software, like Alice, is demonstrated to be a useful teaching tool in education for academic courses of game development and design. This paper not just discusses how the video game was created, but also speaks of the difficulties the team overcomes easily with Alice.


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