DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-5480-5_034

Authors: Greg Bowtell, Sophie Nichol


A video game is a very influential tool that inspires much passion within very different sectors of society. Literature is beginning to assert the use of video games in education, and it is apparent that just the subject of ‘video games’ can engage the interest of students of all ages. Video games are not only asserting themselves as a permanent and influential cultural icon, they are also the new phenomenon in education. Video games can be used as a learning tool where the students learn ‘in game’, or the topic of video games can be used as a vehicle for student engagement. This paper explores the somewhat less contentious issue of how to best educate tertiary students studying Games Design and Development at an Australian Regional University. Determining how to best educate tertiary students on how to develop games at a tertiary level is not just based on good curriculum design, but is reliant on a triumvirate of factors: Industry relevance, student learning needs, and educational design. In this paper each of these three factors and their inherent problems will be discussed, all situated within the Australian Tertiary Education sector. Based on results gathered from the three factors, some directions for the Australia Tertiary Video Game Education sector will be asserted.


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