DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-3190-5_CGAT4

Authors: Manjusri Wickramasinghe, Prasad Wimalaratne


Hair modeling in its naturalistic beauty and inter-activeness is a fundamental part of virtual humans in computer graphics. Hair simulation can be thought of as three separate problems which is a modeling problem, an animation problem and a rendering problem. Because of the difficult and often unresolved problems which arise in these areas, broad ranges of novel approaches are used to counter the simulation problem. Most of these methods focuses on the algorithmic complexity and keeps aside the geometric complexity by considering it as a constant. A single hair strand can have vivid geometric representations ranging from two dimensional quad strips to complex three dimensional structures. To analyze the effect of each geometric representation on the overall simulation, a performance analysis was carried out using the mass spring and damper model and Euler dynamics. Out of the three geometric representations used to represent a single strand of hair it was eminent that certain geometric primitives such as spheres affect the overall performance considerably when compared to constructs such as quad strips or cylinders. The above mentioned performance analysis that we present emphasizes the importance of geometric complexity.


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