DOI: 978-981-08-0693-4_CGAT4

Authors: Iznora Aini Zolkifly, Kok Cheng Lim and Zasriati Azla Sabot


Virtual Museum by far defines the idea of promoting artifacts virtually using electronic devices. Even though there are virtual museums existed throughout the world, but the number appearance of virtual museum internally in Malaysia is still considered few. Furthermore, there are very few virtual museum globally that focuses on musical artifacts especially those that are of traditional and ethnic categories. Virtual Reality Musical Museum (VRM2) has been developed to produce a simple but complete virtual museum about Malaysian historical musical objects through Virtual Reality technology. VRM2 delivers an immersive virtual environment that makes users feels being present in the virtual environment as if the users are being in a real life musical instruments museum. It also provides the global community with the knowledge of Malaysian historical musical instruments to preserve the values of these instruments from being forgotten in the coming future. VRM2 consists of 3D artificial Malaysian musical artifacts, manipulation capabilities, artifacts’ sounds examples, walkthrough and valuable information. Users can manipulate the 3D objects where they can either move, resized and also rotate to view the objects in different angles. VRM2 is hoped to gain user’s interest in musical artifacts through Virtual Reality Technology as a new way of delivering information.


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