DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-3190-5_CGAT12

Authors: Tobias Bäuerle, Michael Sonnenfroh, Alexander Weggerle, Peter Schulthess


The “Wissenheim1 Worlds” project provides an interactive virtual 3D world initially designed to host educational material for computer science students. All participants are represented as avatars and perceive a rich multimedia experience. This includes animated lecture material, interactive content, meeting opportunities, games and fun. The current aim of the project is to present the often very complex content of the computer science lecture in a playful, interactive and self-explanatory way. An important focus of the project is therefore to let the avatars interact with educational 3D objects (“eaction learning”). As a prototype for a virtual 3D e-action-learning environment “Wissenheim Worlds” demonstrates how to present highly-dynamic content for a multi-user community.


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