ISBN: 978-981-08-8644-8

Authors: Normahdiah Sheik Said


This paper is a description of a patented process invented to determine human engagement behavior when interacting with a multimedia design system based on design features which exploit psychological needs. The invention is named “The X-factor in A Multimedia Engagement Behavior”. The “X-factor” was based on a scientific research to develop “An Engaging Multimedia Design Model” [1] renamed NEMD Model (Norma™ Engagement Multimedia design Model) [2] after an extended research to prove it. The experimental study was done on young teens 12-17 going through an engagement behavior whilst interacting with an interface. The paper could help us determine the level of engagement of an enduser, understand what happens in and around an engagement behavior, place engagement indicator matrixes and scalar to help us understand why certain features work in some format but not in others and how to rectify and improve it.

Keywords: multimedia; engagement; engaging;satisfaction; model; design; educational technology; immersive technologie; cognitive; metacognitive; ergonomic; interactive


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