DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-5837-3_2010

Authors: Michael Menzel, Marten Schonherr, Jens Nimis, Stefan Tai


Cloud Computing is a disruptive technology, representing a new model for information technology (IT) solution engineering and management that promises to introduce significant cost savings and other benefits. The adoption of Cloud computing requires a detailed comparison of infrastructure alternatives, taking a number of aspects into careful consideration. Existing methods of evaluation, however, limit decision making to the relative costs of cloud computing, but do not take a broader range of criteria into account. In this paper, we introduce a generic, multi-criteria-based decision framework and an application for Cloud Computing, the Multi-Criteria Comparison Method for Cloud Computing ((MC2 )2 ) .The framework and method will allow organizations to determine what infrastructure best suits their needs by evaluating and ranking infrastructure alternatives using multiple criteria. Therefore, (MC2 )2 offers a way to differentiate infrastructures not only by costs, but also in terms of benefits, opportunities and risks. (MC2)2 can be adapted to facilitate a wide array of decision-making scenarios within the domain of information technology infrastructures, depending on the criteria selected to support the framework.


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