DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-5837-7 225

Authors: Seokho Son, Kwang Mong Sim


Since participants in a Cloud may be independent bodies, some mechanisms are necessary for resolving the different preferences to lease Cloud services. Whereas there are some mechanisms for supporting service level agreement negotiation, there is little or no negotiation support of both price and time slot concurrently for a Cloud service reservation. The contribution of this work is designing a multi-issue negotiation mechanism to facilitate
concurrent price and time slot negotiations between agents representing Cloud participants and
trade-off proposals between price and time slots. The ideas of the concurrent price and time slot negotiation are implemented in an agent-based Cloud testbed and the empirical results obtained from simulations carried out using the testbed suggest that using the concurrent price and time slot negotiation mechanism,
(i) a consumer and a provider agent have a mutually satisfying agreement on time slot and price in terms of the aggregated utility, and (ii) both agents achieved the best performance on the negotiation speed among related approaches. In addition, a case study in an agreement of a Cloud service reservation is studied in this research to demonstrate the usefulness of the proposed multi-issue negotiation mechanism and Cloud service reservation system.


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