DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-5837-7_167

Authors: Hong Jiang, Stacey Franklin Jones, Rishabh Parikh, Oluwafemi Temitope, Ericks Cuesta


Rapidly improved network technology and open source provide huge space for applying cloud computing and developing numerous web services. In an academic institute, how can the existing network technology be used to fulfill the needs of education and provide better learning environment for students? Upon the network system on campus, what kind of services or applications can be developed to promote and facilitate education? This paper describes Wi-Fi- Vi (Wi-Fi Virtualization): a project ongoing at Benedict College, which can be served as a role model for other similar institutes. Since June of 2009, Benedict College has selected Ruckus Wireless to supply advanced “Smart Wi-Fi” products and technology for an immense, campus-wide, indoor / outdoor 802.11n network. This Wi-Fi network is using the newest dual-ban 802.11n smart Wi-Fi technology with dynamic beam forming to support a wide range of applications from on-campus Internet radio and television to IP video surveillance. Based on this capability, we develop a web based application system which streams media multiple display units (LCD / Plasma TV’s, Projectors, video walls) and personal computers remotely across LAN, WAN or the Internet. It can stream same or different media to display units located around campus. Around five major components:

1) Physical / Virtual Machine Layer
2) Connectivity IP / Wi-Fi
3) Service Layer 4) Content Management Layer, and
5) Presentation Layer,
This paper also describes the functions and provides related technical data for each layer. This system provides students, faculty, and stuff multiple ways to access the college information such as news and upcoming events, and teaching materials and resources. The paper shows the possibility of cloud computing on private network, and provides an approach to build services on private cloud. The designed web service serves as an example to use the existing network technology to build private cloud and run services upon it.


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