DOI: 10.5176/2251-1911_CMCGS03

Authors: Bhupendra Singh and Sanjib Choudhury

Abstract: In this paper, a product-cum-dual to ratio estimator has been proposed for estimating population mean of the study variate. The bias and mean square error of the proposed estimator are obtained. The asymptotically optimum estimators (AOEs) in this class are identified with its bias and mean square error. Conditions for the proposed estimator to be more efficient than the conventional estimators, dual to ratio estimator and dual to product estimator are investigated. An empirical study has also been carried out to judge the merits of the proposed estimator over the other estimators.

Keywords: Finite population mean; Auxiliary Variate; Product- cum-dual to ratio estimator; Bias; Mean square error; Efficiency.


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