DOI: 10.5176/2382-6096_CMMA14.09

Authors: Bikash Chandra Satapathy

Abstract: Introduction: The lengths and external diameters of arteries forming the circle of Willis has been measured and studied previously. But there is hardly any study that has measured and documented lengths and external diameters of component arteries in males and females separately.

Aims and objectives: This is an attempt to measure the lengths and the external diameters of arteries forming the circle of Willis in males and females separately so as to create a baseline database.

Materials and methods: A total of 38 (15 female, 23 male) adult cadaveric brains were studied and vernier caliper was used for measuring the arteries.

Results: For ACoA, the mean length in males, mean external diameter in males, mean length in females and mean external diameter in females were 2.6mm, 2mm, 2.6mm and 2.1mm respectively. For A1-R, these values were 16.5mm, 1.8mm, 14mm and 1.9mm. For A1-L, they were 12.1mm, 1.9mm, 11.3mm and 2.3mm. For PCoA-R, they were 11.2mm, 1.5mm, 12.1mm and 1.5mm. For PCoA-L, they were 11.4mm, 1.4mm, 13.1mm and 1.6mm. For P1-R, they were 5.9mm, 1.9mm, 6.9mm and 1.9mm. For P1-L, they were 5.8mm, 1.8mm, 6.7mm and 1.8mm. The mean external diameter of ICA-R was 3mm in males and 3.3mm in females. The values for ICA-L were 2.9mm and 3.3mm. For BA, the values were 3.2mm and 3.3mm.

Conclusion: The average values of lengths and external diameters were comparable to previous studies. The external diameter of pre-communicating segment of the anterior cerebral artery of the left side in females was significantly larger than that in males.

Keywords: circle of Willis, anterior communicating artery, anterior cerebral artery, posterior communicating artery, posterior cerebral artery


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