DOI: 10.5176/2382-6096_CMMA14.31

Authors: Venkatesh G. Kamath

Abstract: This article is a review of both anatomy museums and museum techniques. It aims to provide a comprehensive knowledge, as to how the concept of a museum for anatomy, developed and evolved over the centuries. It is also quite obvious that with development in science new museum techniques were invented. The anatomical history hence became very eventful and the author has divided it into four eras, which are era of model making, specimen preparation, dry preservation and plastination. The article also provides a comprehensive review on dry preservation, corrosion casts and plastination. The author would like to conclude that despite all the scientific advances over the centuries including plastination these is still no substitute for well dissected formalin preserved specimens.

Keywords: wax models, corrosion casts, plastination, Anathomia, formalin


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