DOI: 10.5176/2345-7813_CNN13.12

Authors: Seong Woo Kim, Ha Ra Jeon and Hyo In Kim


Pseudobulbar palsy manifested by swallowing difficulty and anarthria is an upper motor neuron lesion of the corticobulbar tract. We report a case of an acquired type of pseudobulbar palsy that improved with repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) therapy. A 7 year-old female patient was diagnosed with pseudobulbar palsy underwent rTMS therapy. She was given a session of rTMS per day for 16 days. Speech and swallowing function evaluation and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) for reconstruction of corticobulbar tract were done before and after rTMS therapy. The oromotor dysfunction was improved clinically and DTI showed change of FA values after rTMS therapy. Our case showed that rTMS therapy induced improvement of clinical symptoms of pseudobulbar palsy as well as quantitative improvement of the corticobulbar tract through DTI evaluation. Thus, rTMS therapy seems to be valid in treating pseudobulbar palsy in terms of clinical symptoms and imaging study.


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