DOI: 10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT12.24

Authors: Anselmo Antunes Montenegro, Vitor Balbio da Silva and Alexandre da Costa Sena

Abstract: Due to many technological advances in the last three
decades it is possible to notice a gap between the educational
software and the technology available, where the teaching tools
are, in most cases, mere replacements for books and notebooks.
Based on this context, this work analyses pedagogical concepts
that propose a proper way to seek and transmit knowledge.
Assuming that experience (interaction) is a key concept in the
learning process, this work proposes the use of 3D interactive
technology in the construction of educational applications that
act as mediator between the student and knowledge. As a proof of
concept, this work also presents the educational software CEL
that allows the students to interact with an animal cell analyzing
its structure and organelles discovering how it works through
Keywords: educational software; 3D interactive applications;
pedagogical concepts


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