DOI: 10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT12.44

Authors: Hong Wang, Yongzhong Zhang, Jianhua Yang

Abstract: With the rapid development of informational technology, the web-based education and informational technology have been integrated gradually and tightly. Lots of changes have being taken in learning style, course structure, learning method, and leaning environment. In this paper, we first, integrate online course design and ubiquitous learning environment; second, describe and define ubiquitous learning and special ubiquitous learning environment; third, analyze the features of online course under ubiquitous learning environment; finally, propose a comprehensive model in online course design and present a detail analysis over this model. We also explore the general framework of ubiquitous technique environment based on the comprehensive model.
Keywords: ubiquitous learning; online course design; comprehensive model; Ubiquitous learning technology environment; ubiquitous learning framework


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