DOI: 10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT16.7

Authors: Heba Fasihuddin, Geoff Skinner and Rukshan Athauda

Abstract: Researchers and developers in educational information systems are always trying to benefit from the latest technologies to support learning. On the other hand, educators strive to attract and motivate learners and to provide better learning experiences. The impact of the Internet has revolutionized how we can deliver online learning globally increased acceptance by learners and educators. Online learning, as with almost every other field, is influenced by advances in technology and keeps evolving to take advantage of these advancements. The current ubiquitous nature of the Internet has provided tremendous opportunities for online learning and leads to new models and approaches in this field. This paper presents a detailed literature survey in the domains of adaptive and open online learning environments. It is a precursor to a much broader research project that is working towards an implemented adaptive open online learning environment with integrated knowledge maps.
Keywords: adaptive learning; open learning; massive online open courses; online learning styles.


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