DOI: 10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT12.52

Authors: Juan R. Diaz, Jose M. Jimenez, Jaime Lloret, Lucia Romero, Esther Sanabria, Vicente R. Sanchis, Jesús Tomás, M. Cinta Vincent

Abstract: Enterprise environment is becoming more and more competitive and demands higher specialization of the workers. For this reason, postgraduate courses are widely requested in universities placed close to industrial areas. In these courses, instructors must take into account social and technical skills, which will train the students to be able to face the working environment. In this paper, we present a cooperative case-based learning system that has been applied to university postgraduate courses for professionals and students from several disciplines, such as computer science, telecommunications, and industrial engineering. We describe our proposal and the results obtained in that course. Then we will compare it with another class that has used a regular methodology without this cooperative case-based learning system.
Keywords: Cooperative learning; Case-Based learning; Teaching in Networking; Higher Education


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