DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-6308-1_D-033

Authors: Stephen Lean, Hans W. Guesgen, Inga Hunter, Kudakwashe Dube


The New Zealand Health and Disability Sector must handle large volumes of information and complex information flows. Access and effective use of this information is needed for efficiency gains in this sector as a lack of appropriate information is costly, both in financial terms and in adverse outcomes for patients. However, this information must be used safely, especially in clinical decision making. Effective and safe use of information has become a key driver for this sector. For safe use, clinicians must have confidence in the veracity of the information they wish to use. This research aims to investigate what factors lead to confidence in health information. How these factors can be mapped and conceptualized into a model for confidence in health information and then a prototype system produced that implements this model and provides both a computational measure for confidence in health information and a representation of that measure. The paper given here describes a work in progress.


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