DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-7656-2 A-43

Authors: Dr. Neena Gupta, Mahesh Manchanda

Abstract: Due to the fast development of internet services and a
huge amount of network traffic, it is becoming an essential issue
to reduce World Wide Web user-perceived latency. Although
web performance is improved by caching, the benefit of caches is
limited. To further reduce the retrieval latency, web prefetching
becomes an attractive solution to this problem. In this work, we
introduce a simple and transparent popularity-based prefetching
algorithm which combines both the top 10 and next-n prefetching
approaches. In addition to using access-frequency as the criteria
for prefetching, we also use the time of access of web documents
to generate the top 10 list. This approach of using accessfrequency
and time of access is known as the GDSP approach,
which has been used in cache management. Instead of generating
next-n list for all the documents accessed by the users, we log the
next-n documents for the top 10 documents only, thus reducing
complexity and overhead. The results obtained from algorithm,
in terms of hit rate and prefetching effectiveness show the
efficacy of our proposed algorithm as compared to other
Keywords : GDSP, Predictive Pre-fetching, Access Latency.


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