DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-7656-2 A-48

Authors: A.H.Beg, Noraziah Ahmad, K.F. Rabbi, Ahmed N Abd Alla, Soffia Suliman

Abstract: Data replication among different sites is viewed as an important technique to improve the application
performance and its data availability and reliability and minimization of the cost of data transmission. In this paper, we proposed an architecture and algorithm of heterogeneous persistence layer for synchronous replication based on multithreading technique. In this architecture and algorithm, we developed the multithreading based persistence layer. Our objective is to make the persistence layer more adaptive. In this heterogeneous persistency system the replication server will not depend on the main server, so forth, adding a new replication server will be easier than ever, easy to cope up with heterogeneous system, cost minimizing and finally there will be no down time.

Keywords: Data replication, Replication algorithm,
Synchronous, Heterogeneous replication, Multi-threading


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