DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-6308-1_13

Authors: Narasimha Bolloju, Yulin Fang


Dimensional data modeling is an important activity in the development of business intelligence systems, especially when a data warehouse or data marts are to be created. Dimensional data modeling involves identification of required fact and dimension entities that support various types of BI functionality. Since the process of developing dimensional data models differs significantly from that of developing data models for online transaction processing systems, practitioners and researchers have been suggesting approaches to aid this process. Commonly employed approaches for dimensional data modeling make use of operational data models or enterprise data models in identifying grains, dimensions and facts. This paper presents an approach for conceptual modeling of dimensional model with the analysis patterns especially for the analysis of source data models in identifying facts and dimensions, and for the depiction of designed dimensional models. The proposed approach is illustrated for analyzing source data models of an airline company and for developing dimensional data models. The application of analysis patterns is expected to result in an efficient and effective modeling process by facilitating communication among the stakeholders.


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