DOI: 10.5716/2251-1814_EeL46

Authors: Wasefer Zaman, Pramatha Nath Basu, Kalyan Kumar Dutta


Many researchers around the world are working on the quality aspects of learning objects. In University Consortium environment there should be some sort of checkpoints for assessment of e-content because more than one e-content providers contribute to this e-learning environment.

There is a need to assure University Consortium members that learners are using e-content that are highly rated. Content provider develop contents following the guidelines of University Consortium. But before accepting any content from any provider, it is thoroughly checked by a series of experts (content, instructional expert, instructional designer of sequencing and profiles). The Consortium environment should be provided with an automatic process of stamping modification requirements and effective modification of the same. In any learning object if any modification is required, automated suggestions are sent via mail from the proposed framework for the relevant changes to the respective provider. After making relevant changes, providers republish their content information to University Consortium UDDI registry and experts get mail from the proposed framework for checking the modified content. In this way quality of learning objects are improved. The present work investigates this framework. The present work suggests a framework which will notify inter alia, the contents accessibility and requirement of modification of materials.
Keywords:UniversityConsortium; Web Services; Learning Object (LO); Pedagogical Principles; SCO; SCORM.


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