DOI: 10.5176/2251-1814_EeL13.33

Authors: Dr Alistair Campbell

Assessing student live performances using pen and paper can be challenging because assessors need to make quick and often complex judgements about the learning; in addition, if multiple assessors are involved, moderation of marks between assessors is required. Maintaining fairness and validity can be a significant issue. Ensuring a quick turnaround time for feedback to students is difficult because moderation practices usually require the sharing and review of performance videos by each assessor. In addition, compiling marks, sorting and distributing marks and feedback to students often delays this process.

Imagine a mobile digital application that streamlines this assessment process by enabling each assessor to review videos of performances online shortly after the performances have finished. In addition, the technology automatically sorts, collates and sends the marks and feedback with the video embedded to individual students, freeing up time for the assessors to engage with the professional aspects associated with quality assessment.

There is abundant literature on the use of digital technology to automate scoring and marks. However, the use of digital technology described in this paper does not replace the assessor; instead, it provides the assessor with a mobile application with which to conduct and easily record rich observations of complex learning in a completely paperless environment, that is highly efficient and engaging.

This paper describes an innovative mobile digital application using iPads to enhance the transparency, efficiency and effectiveness of assessment and moderation of live group performances in an arts education unit in the third year of their course. The application further enabled students to engage with their performance and feedback from assessors and peers multiple times. The project is now in its third successful cycle of implementation.

Keywords: mobile digital assessment, iPad, peer assessment, digitization, authentic,
live performance


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