DOI: 10.5176/2251-1814_EeL12.116

Authors: Miss Pacharin Outhaichute, Asst Prof.Dr. Sarintip Raksasataya

Abstract: The study aims to explore the factors of English Motivational Self System influencing on the intended efforts and learning achievement of High Secondary School Students in Thailand context. 409 students completed a questionnaire that consisted of 15 variables ( ideal English self, attitudes towards Learning English, Ought- to English self, parental encouragement, instrumentality – prevention, English learning experience, appropriate teacher behaviors, increasing self – confident, creating a pleasant classroom climate, increasing learner’s goal – orientedness, promoting learner autonomy, encouraging positive self – evaluation, intended efforts, and learning achievement). The study found that ideal English self, parental encouragement, English learning experimence and promoting learner autonomy affected on the intended efforts while ideal English self, ought – to English self, promoting learner autonomy and encouraging positing self – evaluation affected on learning achievement. These significant variables could be guided to construct an instructional model.

Keywords: L2 motivational self system; learning achievement;an instructional model


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