DOI: 10.5176/2251-1814_EeL12.70

Authors: Neil Denby

Abstract: This paper describes improvements to outcomes of a series of
INSET courses held in Guangdong Province (formerly Canton),
Republic of China, brought about by the use of inbuilt iPad
tablet computer technology. Each course comprised training
delivered to vocational school and college teachers over two
three-day periods at various sites in the province. All courses
were delivered with the help of translators. Some difficulties in
evaluating the effectiveness of the course were perceived by the
course trainer. The hardest part of the process was, effectively,
getting the feedback that indicated ‘yes, I understand’ and
‘therefore I can (attempt to) apply in my setting’. This
understanding and intention was to be evidenced in the reflection
stage of the training. Initially, however, this reflection was found
to lack depth and, often, to be based on only part of the training.
There were some reasons to consider the translation process as a
factor, so an action research approach was used to develop and
trial improvements to this process. Ultimately, the use of certain
technology on the iPad tablet meant that any issues of translation
that might affect reflective outcomes were removed, as the need
for detailed translation was itself removed.

Keywords: iPad, images, photographs, video, translation,
China, INSET, training, vocational, reflection


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