DOI: 10.5176/2251-1814_EeL17.57

Authors: Lucia Yeni Wulandari Suharman,Teresa Bixirão Neto


The nature of the tasks proposed to the students determines their activity in the classroom. The characteristic of the task of mathematical modeling gives students the opportunity to be involved in the construction of knowledge and to the mathematical thinking. Based on this assumption, this study presents an onto-semiotic analysis of mathematical modeling task, involving the linear function, with the objective to show the effectiveness of some theoretical and methodological tools from the onto-semiotic approach (OSA) and, also, to analyze the Involvement of the algebraic reasoning (AR) present in students’ responses. These analyses will allow us to identify the type of tasks that the teacher must take into account to developing students' algebraic reasoning.

Keywords: onto-semiotic approach, modelling task, algebraic reasoning level.


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